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Singer-songwriter and author, Jennifer Y. Johnson-Garcia

Hit songwriter, best-selling author, and award-winning director Jennifer Y. Johnson-Garcia has been a professional writer for over 23 years, with credits in radio, television, and print including editing The Orator newspaper for a year. After surviving a late and nearly-deadly type 1 diabetes diagnosis as a child, Jennifer left her home in Fort Collins, Colorado at 17 years old and moved herself to New York City to pursue a career as a singer. After years of hustling, she was discovered by Grammy-nominated producers, Full Force, who signed her. Jennifer went on to write songs for stars such as Brandy, Usher, and Nick Cannon; co-write an album with the legendary Carole King (whose story the Broadway hit "Beautiful" is based on); and was the songwriter behind several songs on the radio, including Japanese superstar Namie Amuro’s hit single “So Crazy,” which was picked up as the theme song to a TV series, used in a cosmetic campaign, served as the title to one of Amuro’s tours, and hit #3 on the Oricon Daily Singles chart in Japan. In late 2019, Jennifer released her long-planned memoir, Growing Up Between Stops on the A-train, which charted as the #1 Best-seller in 13 categories upon its release, and short film based on the book, which has won several awards at film festivals worldwide. Jennifer holds a BA in English from Thomas Edison State University and currently resides with her husband and two children near New York City.

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